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Blooming Flower Tea

Blooming Flower Tea

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A Moment Of Blooming Flower Tea:

Every infusion from our Blooming Flower Tea is an invitation to pause and appreciate the beauty of the present. Whether it's a personal treat or a shared joy, these teas celebrate the finer things in life, offering a unique and unforgettable experience with every steep.

Why our blooming tea is special:

Create Memorable Moments: It’s the perfect gift for a special occasion or an intimate gathering. The beauty of the blooming tea turns into a conversation starter and a stunning visual focal point.

Being in the moment: The slow bloom of the tea allows you to relax and reflect as you savour the moment, calming your mind.

Sophisticated Gift: Each of our blooming teas is a tribute to the beauty of tea and the artistry behind it.

Safe & Healthy: Our blooming teas combine tea, herbal ingredients, and wellness in every sip.

Your Choices:

Pure Blossoms (No Caffeine): Choose from Lily, Rose, Peony, Chrysanthemum, Jasmine Blossoms, and Mixed Flower. Great for a relaxing drink any time of day.

Classic Blooming Flowers (With Tea): Enjoy a mix of flowers and tea with Jasmine+Chrysanthemum+Rose+Green Tea, Jasmine+Chrysanthemum+Green Tea, Lily+Black Tea, and Chrysanthemum+Black Tea.

Special Offer: More Blooms, More Savings

  • Pick Any 3 for $20: Mix and match your favorite blooms. 
  • Best Value - 6 for $36: Double the delight with six blooming teas at a special price.

Special Six Pack Blooming Flower Tea Gift Box available at HERE.

Tea Profile

Tea with Flowers (White Box): For 1 Serving: Place one tea ball in a 400ml glass teapot with 90°c water. Wait 3 minutes to experience the full bloom, then enjoy the tea over 2-3 infusions.
Pure Blossoms(Black Box)For 3 Servings: Use one-third of a tea ball in a 400ml glass teapot with 90°c water. Steep for 3 minutes for a lighter yet enchanting taste.

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Why Buy From Us?

Physical Store: Trustworthy brand with a welcoming tea bar in the Salamanca Art Centre @ Hobart.

Quality Products: Diverse selection of high-quality tea and beautifully designed tea wares.

Tea Expertise: Founder Joanne brings 9 years of experience in Chinese tea ceremonies.

Media Recognition: Featured by ABC, SBS Chinese and Mercury for our dedication to sharing the beauty of tea.

Easy Returns: Contact us for hassle-free returns on faulty or unsatisfactory products within 7 days.

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