A Moment of Wellbeing Tea Workshop

A healthy way of drinking tea in accordance with nature.

Slow down and find respite from daily routine, treat yourself or family with a unique experience of our Shenshi tea ceremony. Come with your friends and family to receive a discount.

  • Price

    $35 per-person

  • Duration

    1.5 hours

  • Participants

    For groups of 3-6

Specific time: Shenshi

In traditional Chinese medicine, “shenshi” is 3–5pm, the time when the body cleanses and detoxifies itself. The natural energy of tea replenishes our body, improving circulation and dispersing toxins, achieving a state of physical and emotional balance.

About the workshop

You will learn the basis of feeling tea and its energy.

Through 7 cups of energizing tea, you will immerse yourself in the changes the tea brings. Your whole body is warmed, even sweating and you will enjoy a moment of wellbeing, ready to bring this healthy drinking way to your daily life.


1. In-depth tasting of 1 premium tea.
2. Half an hour of experience in Shenshi tea involving a meditation session with a guided soundtrack.


1. Understand how to better enjoy a cup of tea.
2. Choose the right tea for Shenshi.
3. Tips to drink Shenshi tea in daily life.
4. Feel energy increased both mentally and physically.
5. Mindfulness and relaxation.

The teas for the in-depth tasting are brewed in the Kung Fu tradition.

We are taking group bookings at the moment. The minimum number of participants for this workshop is 3.

The session will take place in our shop from 3.30 pm-4 pm, and the time could be adjusted according to specific circumstances.

Please contact us to book a date:

Email: amomentofteatas@gmail.com