A Moment of Brewing Tea Workshop

Let’s carefully taste the tea we brew!

You’ll learn how to bring the best out of a tea, to make a unique cup of tea for yourself and the people sitting beside you. Delight in the sincere and profound communication of a moment of tea.

  • Price

    $89 per-person.

  • Duration

    2 hours

  • Participants

    For groups of 2-4

A cup of tea can be more than just a relaxing afternoon drink. By focusing on the moment of brewing, you’ll feel yourself through the tea, accessing your inner peace and tranquility. You’ll discover a gentle new way to connect with your family and friends.


1. Tips to identify good quality tea in your daily life.
2. Key points for making the best of your cup.
3. Brewing your own tea.
4. Exquisite desserts with tea.

The teas for the in-depth tasting are brewed in the Kung Fu tradition.

We are taking group bookings at the moment. The minimum number of participants for this workshop is 2.

The session will take place in our shop from 5 pm-7 pm, and the time could be adjusted according to specific circumstances.

Please contact us to book a date:

Email: amomentofteatas@gmail.com