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Joanne's ABC Radio Interview in 2022 : A Journey Through Time with Tea

In August 2022, I had the privilege of being a guest on an ABC radio program. It was a unique opportunity to express my admiration for tea and to elucidate the intimate bond I share with it.

We discussed the fascinating idea of choosing different teas to correspond with the changing seasons and times, just as nature ebbs and flows. I fondly recollected the initiation of my tea journey in bustling Beijing about a decade ago. The deeper I delved into the realm of tea, the more I realised the vastness of this world yet to be explored. This revelation, in turn, set me on a path of lifelong learning.

As I reflected on my life in Beijing - a city known for its relentless pace - I confessed that I often found myself lost in the crowd, yearning for moments of personal connection and introspection. It was at this junction of my life that I found solace in the art of tea. Through my work, I had the fortune to interact with tea growers and tea masters, interactions that sparked my passion for this tranquil tradition. I discovered serenity in the simple act of brewing and savouring tea, offering me a sanctuary of calm amid life's tumult.

I also had the chance to discuss the intriguing concept of blending tea with the melodious strains of the Guqin - a Chinese stringed instrument with historical roots going back over 2000 years. This combination creates an experience that is both grounding and relaxing. This unique fusion of ancient Guqin music and tea allows for a deep inner connection and a transcendence through time, creating an atmosphere that feels both timeless and incredibly present.

Being a guest on the ABC radio program was an enriching experience, one that enabled me to share my passion for tea and Guqin music with a broader audience. I hope that my journey and experiences can inspire others to explore the tranquil world of tea and discover their own serene moments.

You can find the Audio here.

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